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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holmeswood Easter Bash - Saturday 22 nd March 2008

Holmeswood Koi nestles in the heart of the rural Lancashire countryside a couple of miles outside Burscough. This spring Holmeswood are staging an Easter open day on saturday 22nd March 2008.

Holmeswood makes a great must visit venue under normal circumstances with a nursery comprehensively stocked with all kinds of trees, shrubs and plants but new for 2008 is the revamped coffee shop which in addition to great home made snacks and cakes also now includes an impressive water feature display.

Quarantined new selection of Koi will also be available for viewing and Holmeswood also boast an extensive selection of quality granite pagodas , lanterns etc.

Industry representatives will also be in attendance including the highly regarded Shingoi team, add to all this a warm friendly welcome, great personal service, and some great season launching offers on a wide range of products......thats Easter saturday sorted!

For more information telephone - 01704 822359

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cascade Spring Collection

Dave Dyson of Cascade fame, is currently in Kyushu in Southern Japan selecting Koi from the famous Ogata Koi farm.

Mr Dyson can spell democracy but is not so good at practising it and his uncompromising pursuit of excellence means that he selects just about every Koi sold at both casacde shops.

This commitment has ensured a loyal and discerning following of Koi enthusiasts at all levels and a reputation that the entire Cascade team are totally committed to delivering.

Dave is also an accomplished photogrpaher although doesnt make quite as much fuss as some still does some serious pics so we hope you enjoy them.

Nigel Caddock

Cascade Japan Pics