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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wharp 9

The 2007 Topponds Koi Expo attracted visitors from all over the UK. A genuine buzz developed as visitors chatted with Bill & Maureen McGurk and reviewed photos of Purdin Koi.

Drawing special attention were the selection of Tosai, all the Koi were born in April 2007 and in addition to impressive growth, the size ranging from 28cm to an amazing 40cm, the quality of the Koi is amazing.

Its always difficult to try and get an impression of quality from a photo, but having seen all these Koi first hand we can confirm that they really really are every bit as good as they look. Bill & Maureen also used the opportunity to extend a warm invitation to Koi enthusiasts worldwide to visit the farm and see the Koi first hand.

Major development works are planned for 2008 designed to further extend the existing impressive Purdin facilities including a purpose built indoor Momotaro style holding pond for the brood Koi, and a visitor centre, but more of that later.

In the meantime check out some of the bets of the Tosai below and visit the purdin site and check all their sale Koi out – www.koiforsale.com

Scott Purdin really is in wharp 9 and we cant wait to see how the Koi develop!

PS also couldnt resist including our favourite Nissai Kohaku

Purdin Koi Pics

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Part of the reason that Koi Art is a bit like marmite is that a good number of artists who paint Koi simply arnt Koi people. The result is often stilted and without flow or form. The cumulative result of this is often a respectful but audible silent groan when the entire topic of koi art is mentioned, and It has to be said with some justification!

Ocassionally however there emerges an genuine exponent who gets it right. Anne Read is one such person. Her self effacing warm, straight speaking nature combines with a genuine talent and affinity for all things animal to deliver a unique perspective - there is much more to this lady than any of her numerous individual 'hats' might outwardly lead you to believe.

Anne hasn't really produced much in the last few years, but recently rediscovered her inspiration so we decided to pop over to visit her at her Cedar Lodge Koi home to see what she'd come up with. Koi people will all know what the Picasso Sanke is, but for those not as old as me, its Peter Watermans famous Sanke that blew everyone away in the early 1990's.

Anne has created a wonderful representation of this awesome Koi, along with my pal Scott's Purdin's sublime Sansai Kohaku that won the recent Koi America dealers section and is now owned by Dan Phillips. What also caught my eye among others is a seriously creative multi-canvas Kohaku work which is totally amazing. Anyway as is often remarked talk is cheap, so dont take my word for, Anne's collection will be premiered 8th & 9th December at the Topponds Koi expo event in Golborne, each work is an original there will be no prints and once they are sold they are sold, so if you get chance drop in and take a look for yourself.