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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cascade in Japan

Dave Dyson Cascade head honcho is currently ravaging southern Japan in pursuit of the best Ogata Koi available for Cascade customers in the UK. Dave visits at least twice a year to consolidate and develop Cascades hard won reputation for high grade Koi.

November is especially exciting as this is the time of year when Ogata's larger Koi are available. This is a small sample of what's coming home to Bury and Harrogate in the next few weeks - check them out!OGATA KOI FARM was established in 1972 and for more than 30 years has been producing some of the finest Koi anywhere in the world. Located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture in the south west of Japan. Ogata Koi are one of the most successful Koi brands in the industry, with an established distributor network spanning the globe.

What’s interesting is that not only do Ogata produce Koi in virtually all varieties, this selection has not only NOT compromised the quality, but its actually enhanced it.Consider that volume Koi production isn’t just about producing vast numbers of Koi, rather the volume production actually increases the numbers of high grade Koi available. This is reflected in the Go Sanke Koi produced by Ogata who won the grand champion in the ALL JAPAN TOKYO KOI SHOW in 1989 and since then increasing sales not only in Japan but also all over the Koi world, and in 2006 and beyond the export business is a fundamentally important part of the Ogata business.

The founder, Manabu Ogata was born on Feb.11,1955 in Kurume-City. After graduating high school. He joined IZUMIYA KOI FARM for training in Ojiya-City in Niigata. He returned to Kurume after 6years training and established OGATA KOI FARM. He has been breeding koi since then. Dave Dyson has been visiting Ogata for many years to select Koi for both his Bury and Harrogate Cascade stores and the 2007 collection is better than ever