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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gumbo Jumbo

As the Koi breeding envelope continues to be challenged and some of the most impressive Koi ever seen emerge from Japan, there is something very serious brewing a lot closer to home. We all know that producing high class Koi is difficult. Producing good Koi is hard enough but producing high class Koi that have the potential to grow seriously large as well - represents the ultimate challenge for the world’s leading Koi breeders.

Hiroshima Sakai, Momotaro, and other have made some seriously impressive progress in this regard and we all remember Tim Waddington’s awesome posts of Hiroi Seiji’s monster Tosai, the quality of the company of masters working on this holy grail make the work of Louisiana’s very own Koi Breeder the unique Scott Purdin, even more remarkable.

It’s often easy to dismiss the work of non Japanese Koi breeders but I have to tell you, heads up guys dismiss this one at your peril. Having followed the sometimes excruciating, but never faltering efforts of my friend for more than fifteen years I really do think its time for the Koi world to wake up to what’s going on in its own back yard. Not only are the Koi being produced by Purdin Koi Farm good - they are seriously good, but as I often remark talk is cheap so check out some of these Koi which were all born in April 2007 (yes April 2007) they range in size from 28cm to 40cm and are well worth a look-see.

Add to this the fact that the entire farm is virus free, in fact the brood Koi have no new additions for several generations and its no wonder why Koi folks like the seriously wily Mac McCreavey showed up during my recent visit to check out the Koi. I’ll leave Mac to tell you what he thought and the photos to speak for themselves. We all know pictures are fun but the only way to see these Koi is up close and personal, and for most of us…….Louisiana is a lot closer than Japan!!

Get your dollar ready Jim.